Guard Booth, Guard Shack, Guard House Drawings-Floor Plans

Guard Booth, Guard Shack, Guard House with Restroom-Drawings

Guard Booth, Guard Shack, Guard House drawings are provided with each Guard Booth quote requested. The example drawings generally consist of the following pages:

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Guard Booth, Guard Shack, Guard House Drawings

Guard Booth, Guard Shack, Guard House Drawings-Floor Plan
Guard Booth, Guard Shack, Guard House Drawings-Floor Plan
Guard Booth, Guard Shack, Guard House Drawings-Elevations
Guard Booth, Guard Shack, Guard House Drawings-Elevations
  • Cover Sheet (design basis, structural design criteria, index)
  • General Notes (framing, corrosion protection)
  • Guard Booth Specifications (roof, floor, walls, windows, doors, electrical components, etc.)
  • Guard Booth Elevations
  • Building Floor Plan
  • Framing Details
  • Electrical Plan
  • Guard Booth Cross Section
  • Slab/Pad/Foundation dimensions

Guard Booth, Guard Shack, Guard House Drawings

Guard Booth online also provides full engineering services for custom designed buildings. Our buildings can be designed for most areas of the United States. Professional Engineered drawings are developed with calculations (PE sealed) for client projects on request.

In addition, Guard booth drawings are also designed for wind and seismic areas of the country. We have design wind load ranges from 90mph to 130mph. Hurricane roof brackets are installed on all roofs located in high wind areas. In high wind or seismic areas 3″ x 3″ hollow steel tubes are used for corners and top supports. The Hollow steel tube corners are welded to the base, top supports are added and the structure becomes a “structural steel frame”.  All walls and roof are fastened to the steel frame with heavy duty tech screws and steel hurricane brackets. As a result, this framing system produces a structure that can withstand wind loads up to 130mph and meet many seismic design loads.

With our 4″ wall construction (R-13), large roof cavity (R-30), insulated floor (R-19), insulated Low E widows and LED lighting we can meet most state energy codes. Gaps and any cracks are sealed with caulk or foam adhesives. Consequently we have one of the most energy efficient Guard Booths in the industry.

The base frame can be designed for 4″ or 6″ steel beams dependent on the building size. All Guard Booths are designed with fork-lift pockets built as a part of the base frame. Each fork pocket is reinforced beneath the floor to prevent any deflection from the lifting fork.

Foundation/slab design and engineering can also be provided for your specific project location. 3″ x 3″ x 1/4″ angle brackets are welded at each corner with a 5/8″ hole (pre-drilled) for final anchoring to the concrete foundation.