Security Booth

Security Booth
Ocean Spray-8 x 10-Security Booth
Ocean Spray-8 x 10-Security Booth

Guard Booth online manufactures a complete line of superior quality prefabricated Security Booth, Security Guard Booth, and Parking Booth for sale to clients nationwide. Our Security Booths are currently housing numerous security personnel at hundreds of locations through out the United States, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean Islands, and a few foreign countries.

See our standard models below. If you have a custom size or design let us know, Request a Quote

Security Booth | Parking Booth Designs

TJ MAXX-Security Guard Booth Installed-6 x 16
TJ MAXX-Security Guard Booth Installed-6 x 16

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In addition, with our manufacturing process, combined with quality materials and skilled experienced labor, we are able to provide a durable, high quality product. Our Engineers can design Guard Booths for most environments utilizing our standard materials and construction procedures.  We are the only Guard Booth and Security Booth manufacture to use a combination of wood, structural steel and aluminum in its construction process.  As a result, this process produces a structurally sound, energy efficient,  high durability, comfortable building for our clients. Consequently, the structure will help protect your facility for years to come.

The following is a list of items that set our Guard Booths apart from our competitors; some items may be optional.

Prefabricated Security Guard Booth Specifications

Guard Booth Prefabricated
Guard Booth Prefabricated
  • 4″ or 6″ steel base frame with reinforced fork lift pockets-epoxy paint
  • anchor clips welded to base frame-easy anchoring to concrete slabs
  • 3′ x 3″ steel tube structural corners & top supports-high wind zones-seismic zones
  • floor-aluminum tread plate, steel tread plate, commercial rubber-insulated up to R-19
  • walls-4″-anchored to steel base frame-insulated with R-13-vapor barrier
  • interior wall covering-vinyl covered-frp-4″ cove base
  • roof-structural loads-EPDM rubber (20 year)-insulated up to R-30
  • hurricane roof brackets
  • all aluminum exterior-stainless fasteners
  • overhangs-3″, 6″, 12″, 24″-vented
  • recessed electrical wiring-receptacles & switches-metal clad cable
  • air conditioning-through wall-sleeve-heat combo
  • heat-wall mounted-fan
  • exterior security light over door-LED optional

    Guard Booth installed
    Guard Booth installed
  • interior drop in light with switching-LED optional
  • T-grid drop ceiling with accessible attic space
  • 100 amp exterior/interior services panel with breakers
  • windows-tempered-sliding/fixed-insulated-low E-vinyl-tinted
  • doors-steel-sliding or hinged-stainless hardware-heavy duty closer-weather stripped
  • door window-half vision window-22″w x 36″l
  • counters-laminated-steel-with access holes-file cabinets-storage draws
  • data junction box piped to drop ceiling or exterior-optional
  • custom designs and layout on request
  • engineered drawings with calculations-PE sealed for your state
  • Restrooms installed-ADA compliant-Non ADA

    Parking Booth
    Parking Booth